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Liberation Through Education

Providing education, support, and information on the abolitionist movement from past to present.

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Year One

In our first year, we established a physical location in Sumter, SC.

Sponsored groundbreaking programs like

Abolition Today and Live From The Plantation. We've provided information and content for national organizations like the

Abolish Slavery National Network

We held multi state educational and arts presentations and acquired grants to finance events by slavery abolitionists in Alabama, Texas, and South Carolina.

Our founders work with legislators across the nation and federally to provide content, expertise, and factual information on the slavery abolitionist movements both past and present.

There's more but we'll stop there.

Our 1st year has been fruitful and successful. All thanks to those who believed in and supported our vision.

2021 is already gearing up to see the PCAC as an educational force behind national social change. One of our next steps will be the creation of an educational resource driven website for PCAC.

If you'd like to support our work you can send a donation to

CashApp $AbolitionCtr


Our mailing address is 1163 Furman Drive. Sumter, SC 29154

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Revolutionary Multimedia Content


Hosted by Yusuf Hassan and Max Parthas, Abolition today is a weekly online radio program with specific focus on modern slavery as it is practiced through the 13th amendment of the US constitution and by for-profit prisons worldwide.

Airs LIVE Sundays 7PM EST US

Episodes are available on all major podcast platforms


"LIVE FROM THE PLANTATION" is dedicated to the struggle to end prison slavery, and is used as a platform to give a voice to the people who are affected by the 13th Amendment and prison slavery.
Listen in and learn the truth about what goes on in the belly of the beast from those who are in it and struggling to survive it. Find out how we got here and what it's going to take to get us home. We discuss issues and solutions, including how we must organize and use economic tactics like work strikes/shutdowns on all prison slave labor, boycotts, hunger strikes, and strategic protests by the men and women incarcerated in America's prisons if we are to successfully stop this 800+ billion dollar Prison Slavery Industrialized Complex empire.
Whether you have been inside, your loved one is inside, or your tax money is paying for it, find out how we are all being bamboozled and bullied out of our money and into second class citizenship, modern day slavery, and the intricate details of the third Installment of America's caste system ' mass incarceration '.

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The Abolish Slavery National Network

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1163 Furman Dr. Sumter, SC. 29154

803 497 2023

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